Cactus Foaming Shaving Cream

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This bathroom cabinet staple is a cut above the rest. The Cactus Foaming Shaving Cream for men delivers a close, comfortable shave every time—without having to worry about nicks, razor burns, irritation, and ingrowns.

Our rich foam uses Cactus Extract and Chamomile to create a cushion-like layer to soothe the skin. Plus, you’ll shave some time since this also doubles as a face cleanser.

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Cardon Skincare's men's shaving cream keeps skin moisturized before, during, and after with over 20% soothing ingredients for a magic shave.
  • Rich, creamy foam leverages fatty acid protection to stave off irritation
  • Multitasker that doubles as a pore-cleansing and soothing face wash
  • Keeps skin moisturized before, during, and after your shave with over 20% soothing ingredients

how to use

Your Smoothest Shave Ever

Using lukewarm water, lather up a nickel-sized dollop of Cactus Foaming Shaving Cream. Massage onto skin until a frothy foam forms. After shaving, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Lock in the moisture with a soothing moisturizer.

Product Tip

Smoother strokes while you’re shaving means less chance of irritation and razor burn. This is why it’s so important to use a well-formulated shave cream that has your concerns top of mind—like avoiding razor burn, ingrowns, micro-cuts, and more.


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What People Are Saying

"I love the smell, feel, and overall experience of this shaving cream on my face while I'm shaving. It's turned what I once dreaded before (shaving) into a satisfying and soothing experience. My neck and face cannot thank me enough for how much this shaving cream has helped my sensitive skin!"

John T.

"This is the best shaving cream. For anyone with thick stubble, foam is the way to go. It does a great job of clinging to your skin for a close-to-skin shave, which ultimately helps to reduce razor burn and cuts. It is a great companion to the clay cleanser - it feels like the clay cleanser reimagined for shaving cream. Bonus: a little goes a long way."

Alex L.

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