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The Ultimate Spring Skincare Routine for Men

Men’s skincare routines should change with the seasons, just like a wardrobe. Here are five ways to adjust your skincare regimen in spring.
The Ultimate Spring Skincare Routine for Men

There are many aspects to a men’s skincare routine, like cleansers, eye creams, SPF, acne control, and more. You have to build a regimen—simple or advanced—that suits your specific needs and goals. However, one factor that many men overlook is the changing of the seasons/ See, just as people change their wardrobes with the weather (and just as people in different climates might experience different benefits and hurdles when it comes to skin maintenance), you too need to adjust your regimen as the climate around you cycles into a new season.

Don’t worry about swapping out all of your products; it’s not such a drastic shift that you have to change everything. Rather, a few key adjustments should be made in order to accommodate the sunnier days, warmer temps, and any changes to your indoor environment at the same time.

Read on for how a men’s skincare regimen should look in spring, and specifically how spring skincare evolves from winter—and in one instance, how it doesn’t evolve at all.

1. Spring Means Lighter Layers

In the winter, one of your skincare priorities is to double up on your moisturizing layers—or use products that are doubly dense—all in an effort to prevent skin from losing moisture to the cold, dry air around you. But as the temperatures rise and the air around you gets a bit less drying, you don’t want to suffocate your pores. Plus, your skin is going to start naturally hydrating itself better, especially if you are naturally oily skinned. So, you can likely get away with wearing one light layer of moisturizer day and night. You can use the same product day and night, though you also need to be wearing SPF moisturizer by day (see the next tip), while that’s obviously not important at night. We suggest using a lightweight gel moisturizer from spring through early fall whenever you slumber.

2. Step Up Your SPF

While we’re advocates of year-round SPF application—since UV rays can penetrate clouds in winter—now more than ever it’s important to build up your warm-weather sun defenses. Wear an SPF-packed moisturizer (SPF30 at minimum) throughout the day, and especially whenever you go outside, even if it’s for 10 minutes on your commute. Prolonged and intense sun exposure will necessitate long-lasting sunscreen products, too. 

Even if you experience un-shielded sun exposure for a few minutes a day, imagine the amount of time you’ll absorb UV rays when it’s multiplied across a lifetime. Daily protection will play a huge part in ensuring that “50 is the new 70”... trust us. 

3. Skip the A/C, Keep the Humidifier Going, And Turn On a Fan

While many of us focus on how things change with the seasons, some things ought stay the same. And the humidifier in your bedroom needs to keep running at night—that is to say, we hope it’s a practice you’ve adopted, since it helps your skin and hair maintain its moisture levels and natural buoyancy as you sleep idly for 6-8 hours. The thing is, once people switch their air conditioners on in spring and summer, they turn their bedrooms into an equally dry environment. If you can manage it from a comfort standpoint, try to avoid using the A/C as long as you can—any time of year—and opt instead for a cool fan breeze over top the bed. Keep the humidifier on a low setting for now, too (though in summer this probably won’t be necessary), to ensure that the air in your bedroom has plenty of moisture in it. Side note: It will also help you to wake up with fresh breath, too.

4. Tone Skin As It Shifts Gears

As the temps increase and your brow becomes a bit glossier, you should take a more proactive approach to keeping sebum production in check. By using a daily toning pad, you can train your oil glands to produce only as much moisture as is needed without simultaneously dehydrating the skin. Toner will also help balance the chemistry of your skin—what we call its pH levels—to prevent redness and irritation (especially if you’re someone who uses a lot of high-performing products, or who washes their face a lot, or sweats a lot). Cardon’s toning wipes also double as a daily exfoliant; while one side tones, the other gently exfoliates with poly hydroxy acids to prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores and from accumulating dry skin patches.

5. Ready Your Best Cleanser

Higher temps yield sweatier faces, which means heavy duty cleansers are all the more essential. So if you weren’t already using a deep pore-detoxifying cleanser—but one that nourishes skin with nutrient-dense clay as it cleanses—then now is the time to make the switch. Stick with it year round, too, especially if you’re oily skinned, acne-prone, or work out daily. In spring and summer, it’s a godsend.

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